Areas Served in Central Florida:


Osceola county   

Orange County    

Lake County       

Polk County        


Our Services:

      Home Watch “A visual inspection of a home or property looking for obvious issues.”   ( Basic and Custom plans )  Can be customized to the individual homeowners needs


   ADDITIONAL SERVICES: “available only for clients”


  Opening Service for the season

 Closing Service for the season

 Key holder service

 Package delivery acceptance

 Mail forwarding

 Grocery shopping and stocking

 Emergency response after alarm/police response

  Meet service personnel / allow access for routine service and                  emergencies

 Put garbage cans out / secure after pickup





Home Watch Services Of Florida LLC will be Looking after your home when you are away … Just like I would for my own home.  We will be making regular scheduled visits to your home or condo at the frequency that you choose. 

In the event we find something that is not right we will contact you by phone or e-mail to let you know and discuss how to solve the problem for you.  It will always be your choice for service providers, however if you don’t have or know a service provider we will be happy to help you get estimates from licensed / insured providers.  

In the event the situation is more serious and we are unable to reach you immediately, we will take actions on your behalf to prevent possible damage to your home.  This could require calling the police or fire department or power company.  Or might require calling a licensed / insured plumber or electrician to protect your home.  As soon as possible after getting the situation under control we would then contact you to update you on the situation.